/facet is a generic browser for heterogeneous semantic web repositories. The browser works on any RDFS dataset without any additional configuration. It has some unique features.

Select and navigate facets of resources of any type. Facets are associated to each type. The type facet is used to navigate the hierarchy, typically organized by rdfs:subclassOf, and a selection in this facet automatically selects which other facets are also active.

Make selections based on properties of other, semantically related, types. For example, select a set of artworks based on the properties (facets) of their creators.

Semantic autocompletion in three flavors. 1) search on all instances, helping to select the right type, 2) search within a single facet, helping to move in complex facet hierarchies, 3) search across all active facets, showing the user the different uses of a keyword in different facets.

/facet allows the inclusion of facet-specific display options. We have developed a timeline plug-in to visualize time-related facets. Geographical information can be displayed on yahoo maps.


Facet browsers


/facet is developed within the E-Culture Project. The research is supported by the MultimediaN project and by the European contract FP6-027026 K-Space