A Configurable Autocompletion Component

Typed and linked data has, on the one hand, the potential to provide new functionality by exploiting the semantics for generating autocompletion suggestions.

Semantic Web applications, on the other hand, pose extra requirements on the semantic properties of the suggestions given. When the number of syntactic matches becomes too large, some means of selecting a semantically meaningful subset of suggestions to be presented to the user is needed.

Our hypothesis is that a one-size-fits-all solution to autocompletion interface components does not exist, because different tasks and different data sets require interfaces corresponding to different configurations.

We implemented a configurable autocompletion component on top of the YAHOO! User Interface Library. It is available as an open source software component that can be plugged into a variety of applications.



The autocompletion component is developed within the E-Culture Project. The research is supported by the MultimediaN project and by the European contract FP6-027026 K-Space